Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile 

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile
Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile 

Hey, guys, this is a patient Smart Rahuljackson and this here is the new Realme 6 Pro that recently arrived in India at a starting price of p16 triple nine and at that price it goes head-to-head against this the poco x2 now. I've been using this force extensively so this is a detailed comparison of the real me six Pro versus the poco x2 so I stick to the end because we'll be telling you our verdict now.

Let's get started so this is the Realme 6 Pro and the poco x2

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile

Side-by-side and both these phones have a very similar design Gorilla Glass 5 bags with different gradient styles the real basics for having a more prominent gradient and almost bezel as displays with Poncho's yes they have different restyled camera setups but the looks are kind of subjective. so I won't go into that now when cuz the functionality both have the fingerprint scanner in the power button and in my time with the poco x2.

I found it to be very fast and accurate the Realme 6 Pro side-mounted fingerprint scanner is fast too but I  have found it a little finicky. I mean there are times when it'll just fail to respond and that's probably due to a software bug but it's annoying so I'm hoping the enemy will fix things with an update apart from that both of these have the standard features like the headphone jack the single speaker USB C port but yeah real me 6 Pro has a triple dual simplest MicroSD dedicated slot while the poco x2 has a hybrid dual SIM Plus micro SD slot anyone comes in hand filled both of these phones are big and kind of hefty.

See the Realme 6 pro weights 200 2 grams

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile

Which is close to the 208 grams of the poker X to the railway 6 pro is 8.8 millimeters thick which is again close to the 8.9 millimeters thickness of the poco x2 so as these are big phones and honestly. I don't like this big form factor on either of them. I just hope these companies start making more compact phones now moving on to the display both the phones have high refresh rate IPS LCD s 6.6 inch IPS LCD 90 Hertz on the real me 6 pro and 6.6 inch IPS LCD one to any hurts on the poco x2, to be honest, both of these displays are pretty nice yes.

I pray for amyloids but when it comes to these displays them as good as it gets with IPS LCD s in this price segment.

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile

When I compare them I found them to be equally bright and while the color is a bit different I think both of these displays are empowerment comes to the quality apart from that there's obviously the refresh rate the 90 Hertz refresh rate on the readme six Pro versus the 120 has a refresh rate on the poco x2 now having used both these phones. I can tell you that there's not a big difference between 90 Hertz and 120 Hertz both phones feel really smooth and yeah popular games uh stay not supported on any of these high refresh rates.

So I don't think it matters much any way a lot of you guys have been asking us which of these displays drain the battery better. I test the things up so I did a video playback test when I put the phones on the high refresh rate max brightness with auto-brightness turned off and played a video at 1080p for an hour and when after an hour the readme 6 Pro lost 14% battery while the poker x-2 lost 18 percent battery. I also did a pub G mobile test after playing an hour of pubs mobile on HD graphics and high frame rate the readme six blue lost 19 percent battery while the poker x2 lost 22% battery.
Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile
Yeah honestly it's not a big difference but yeah the poco extras 120 Hertz display drains the battery more. I mean it even has a bigger battery so yeah the drain is higher next up another difference when it comes to these phones is on the performance front the real v6 Pro is powered by the new Snapdragon 720 G chipset while the poco x2 comes with the Snapdragon 730 G chipset both of these phones have the same Ram and UEFA storage standard now the unimportant thing is Snapdragon 720 G was a Snapdragon 730 G and the difference isn't huge both of these chipsets are eight-nanometer octa-core chipset and they both have the same two cortex seventy-six cores and six cortex a 55 course, however, the Clio architecture is different the 720 G comes to cry of 465.

While the 730 G has the cry of 470 so theoretically the cry of 470 should be a tad bit more powerful. When it comes to the clock speed though the 720 G goes up to 2.3 gigahertz while the 730 G goes up to 2 points 2 gigahertz again not a huge difference, in fact, both of these ships have the same. Adreno 680 GP although the GPU on the 730 G is overclocked about at the both have the same x-15 LTE modem and similar ISPs so yeah if you ask me these chipsets are very similar but let's take a look at the base mark scores so here are the Angela scores from both these fools and as you can see they are very very close and surprisingly the 720 G is just a little ahead ready little here at the Geekbench scores now and as you can see the 720 G has the higher single core score probably due to the higher clock speed but the 730 G has got better in multi-core overall the benchmarks kind of make it clear that the Snapdragon 720 G and the Snapdragon 730 G are very similar chipsets.
Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile
When it cuts the real-world performance if you've seen a poco x2 review you know that. The Fool is a very solid and very consistent performer B it comes with day to day tasks or even gaming now having used read miss explorer as my daily driver. I can say the same about this phone - this one handles almost everything with a lot of ease beat multitasking or heavy apps and I like the performance on this phone also the phone handles casual games as well as high-end games of the Laura V's so the performance on both of these phones just top-notch when it comes to software there's real me UI and me UI on board and put these skins are based on AD at 10 here now you all know that both of these skins are really feature-packed.

So let's talk about the important stuff the plot where the ads now me off a poco does not have any ads but I did see a couple of ads like this one in Realme UI on real v6 pro now there is an option to turn it off in the additional settings but yeah ads are here in real EMU I when it comes to the blow-dry both of these phones come with certain apps pre-installed now the real Mystics Pro did let me keep all of these apps in the setup process. So I did that and the poco extra - lets you uninstall these apps so I don't think it's a big problem next up is the camera comparison now both of these phones have quad-camera setups on board but there are some important differences.

First up the reading mystics, Pro has the GW 164 megapixel sensor while the poco x2 has the Sony imx6 86 sensor also the real music Pro has a telephoto lens capable of 20x zoom anyway.
Comparing the 64-megapixel cameras here are comparison shots from these phones and when taking these photos. I noticed that these cameras are very comparable but the poco x2 is mostly better just take a look at this comparison the colors on the poco extra photo is more accurate when the six Pro has made things oversaturated plus if we zoom in here and you can see that the Polk way the extra photo has more details here's another comparison and here the color tone is pretty similar but the Pope x2 photo has more contrast and if you zoom in well we can see the better details to not read mystics Pro shines sometimes too like in this comparison.

The Readme photo looks better anyway in low-light to the readme 6 Pro takes better photo sometimes like in this comparison but mostly it's the poco extra that's better like in daytime now check this out so the poco x2 photo is just sharper. I mean if you just zoom in you can see the difference let's look at the buildings in the background. It's more visible in the x2 photo here are some more low-light comparisons and the poco x2 is just clearly the winner with sharper photos and better shadows anyway also compare the portrait mode.
Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile

So let's take a look nowhere you can see that the poco x2 photo has more natural color and the readme photo has a reddish tint to it also. If we zoom in on man meets face you can see that the poco x2 photo has more details here's another comparison and again the colors are better on the poco x2 photo but to get more details.

It has over sharpened the image but yeah overall if you take a look at more portrait mode charts the poco x2 wins here as well makeups with the ultra-wide-angle lens here are some comparisons and I think here both of these phones are and paths. They both take decent under wide shots although it's nothing extraordinary. When it comes to videos here's a 4k 30fps video shot from both the phones together and well the quantity is good on both these videos although the color is a little different the stability is the big difference both the phones only have a is but the poco x2 video is just crazy stable you can also notice that.

The poco exclusive video is a little zoom din so maybe Xiaomi is using the crop to make the videos more stable overall when it comes to the camera performance the poco x2. I think is the outright winner it takes better photos in daylight low-light better portrait mode shots and even better videos the real miss. Express not bad at all I mean comes close to the performance of the poco x2 and it brings in features like portrait mode video xx exhume and apart more no doubt about it this is acceptable yet I think.

The poco x2 is the camera I take moving on there's also the front cameras and that's where I think the real Mystics crow is better here are the front camera specs of both these phones and you can see that the real me sixth row has a secondary ultra-wide-angle lens. Which means you can fill in more people or more the view in the so that's a big advantage for the Realme v6 pro now when it comes to the main camera both these phones take decent selfies but here the poco extra selfies do look a bit over the process so yeah the readme 6 flow has better selfie cameras lastly there's the battery the poco x2 has a slightly bigger battery and if we go by the numbers the Realme v6 pro has faster charging now talking about the battery performance first inappropriate review.

I told you guys that with the display set 220 Hertz.

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile

I got a screen on time of around five and a half hours well with the real ms6 pro set to 90 Hertz I got a screen on time of more than 6 hours which is even better yeah. I know the readme 6 Pro has a slightly smaller battery but the 90s does not drain the battery as much as the 120 years. When it comes to charging speeds the real me 6 probes might have the 30-watt charger but the 27-watt charger on the poco x2 is faster than the 31 hooks 4.0 charger takes 64 minutes to take the readme 6 Pro from 10 to 100 percent while the 27 was charged.

It takes only 54 minutes to charge the poco x2 from ten to hundred percent yet that is awesome well it's time for the verdict the real me 6 pro or the poco x2. Which one should you go for well let me start by telling you that both of these phones are very similar bead on the design front the charging the battery the software? 

The performance yeah both of these phones are really good and very close but if I had to pick one winner when I'd go with the poco x2 because of two factors really first is the fact that the base variant of the poco extra starts at apiece 15 triple 9 compared to rupees 16 triple 9 for the real me 6 pros base weighted and second.

The real cameras yeah the poco x2 has better camera performance thanks to the imx6 86 sensor and well the camera performance is really important to me now there's one more thing that makes me prefer the poco x2 and that's the 120 Hertz display you're right now 120 years isn't a huge difference.

When compared to the 90s display but in the long run, I'd want a phone that has a higher refresh rate so on and although premium 6 pro is good.

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Mobile

Smartphone no doubts but the poco x2 is just the better overall smart well that was our comparison of the readme 6 Pro and the poco x2 so what do you think do you agree with us tell us in the comment section below also I really band video went live yesterday so go ahead check it out it's pretty awesome?

I'm Smart great anyway also give this article a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends who are confused between these phones and lastly subscribe to our website for more amazing mobiles articles well that's me signing off thanks for reading and I will see you in the next article.

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