OnePlus 7T full Review

OnePlus 7T full Review
OnePlus 7T full Review

Welcome to the OnePlus 7T and let me tell you right now this has become that phone that I'm gonna be recommending for the price and there's a very distinct reason. So let's start by unboxing the phone's media kit because this is by far the coolest that's ever come into the studio and this is basically going to contain the phone's retail packaging as well as a whole bunch of other one plus goodies.

So, for example, there's a screen cleaning cloth and underneath that, a booklet containing all these specs but also an introduction to some of the new features on the OnePlus 7T openings up the right flap in the main box so you've got a one plus never settled diary and yeah I mean it's a diary you know full well what that is but I do like the black and red color scheme going on here slightly more relevant to the phone at hand are the three cases we get below that these are going to be three of the primary causes that you could buy alongside the phone

Also, I'm here to reveal to you which one you ought to go for we have the carbon fiber style one which is light thin however likely not the one for drop resistance and then in classic oneplus fashion, we've got a sandstone finish it's still just as light as the last one but at least this way you'll get a touch of additional grasp third lastly is a case that. I think is a bit of a level up compared to the other two it's got a rubbery outside but still feels rigid and I like the fact that it has felt within that is only a bit of class in addition to it additionally reaches out around the front of your telephone so this is the one to go for if you're planning on dropping it.

Presently I really needed to twofold check just to ensure in light of the fact that I was unable to trust it when I previously unpacked it however the crate. 

OnePlus 7T full Review

I'm holding right now is the actual retail box of the OnePlus 7T so right here I've got the glacier blue model and it's eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage you can probably also tell this is one of the taller smartphone boxes out there it's partly just to stand out and make an impression but my hunch is that it's also representing the fact that this is a taller phone we'll get to that in a minute we've also got some instruction manuals and that's all, for now, thanks a lot but no I'm kidding um.

I did like the fact that below that there's one plus branded stickers and my kind of screwed this bit up but it's nice that there's a message from Pete Lau or the CEO just welcoming into the WOM Plus community and to reiterate this is the retail packaging you'd get if you went into a store and bought the phone.

I love how different it is you get a silicon case you get a sim ejector tool you get a USBC cable and at the bottom the warp charge adaptor more on this in a minute because we've got something a little different going on and the best part of any unboxing experience so yeah this is the OnePlus 7T and actually below that retail box it was also a pair of oneplus bullets Wireless - which was amazing of them but it's a topic for a different day so here's the thing when I think of the OnePlus 7T  think of a phone that was built for the masses what I mean by that is that each feature feels painstakingly chose for yes no-nonsense well-informed individuals yet more significantly likewise for the nontech smart individuals separated from the absence of the earphone jack.

For example yes the phone is fast really fast it uses the brand new snapdragon 855 + chip combined with 8 gigs of ram and so gaming is an absolute breeze but what's going to be more obvious to everyone, not just the gamers is the 90 Hertz refresh rate this phone's display refreshes 1.5 times faster than most others and this means it isn't just powerful under the hood but it feels powerful day-to-day and whether or not a nontechie person even knows what's happening with the display they'll definitely feel that perceived speed bump.

OnePlus 7T full Review

I noticed this with the cameras too in one sense it's become more complex compared to the 7 the 70 adds a 2 x telephoto camera and an ultra-wide that's a serious upgrade but I think what's just as important here is that they've made it really easy to take balanced colorful photos I feel like they were on their way to this with some of their past devices but having used the 74 runs about a week and a half now.

I can say for sure that oneplus has never done it better the aperture on the main lens is now even wider at F 1.6 and this means you get a little bit more light in there's a super macro mode to focus on a subject that's only a couple of centimeters away and something I think is really important picture mode has been given a great deal of consideration it's better as far as edge location and you can take representation mode shots with both fundamental and fax cameras even the night mode is better.

I wouldn't call it class-leading but it's comparable it's at least 80 percent of what the best phones can do and whereas a lot of devices don't let you use night mode with their ultra-wide camera the one plus does the only real camera flaw. I've noticed is color shifting between three lenses whereas on the iPhone the transition is completely seamless on the oneplus you do notice a slight change in the way a scene that looks regardless.

I could imagine anyone coming from an Android or an iPhone that's a couple years old being very happy with this upgrade and that's the important thing the OnePlus 7T isn't targeted as an iPhone 11 Pro killer it's pitched as the phone to upgrade to if you honor iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 or past oneplus the 5 T for example and from that angle.

I think they've nailed it on a bit of a side note I'm also running a big iPhone 11 give away with everything Apple pro.

OnePlus 7T full Review

That is all in the depiction now before I made this video I spent some time conversing with individuals. I know who are not tech-heads I was trying to find out what things are important to them in a small phone and one thing stood out compared to a techie person's response. Which would, for the most part, be something like remote charging or show goals.

The common answer here was that it's got to look good and it's got to feel good and you can tell that this is what oneplus has prioritized there's only wired charging here and this is a 1080p display not the sharpest on a phone but I think it looks and feels fantastic that's actually the first thing. I said when I picked it up for the first time about 2 weeks ago in a briefing room if I had to complain I'd say I wish there was a little bit more space around the two outer cameras to make the whole unit look even but I like the color the phone feels really strong and they've made the haptic engine better so typing and tactile elements in the UI.

OnePlus 7T full Review

They have a nice response plus there is a subtler change here which took me a good two days to properly notice the 70 is barely eight millimeters thick and when you add to that but the side bezels are shrunk and that the aspect ratio is not taller than ever. I found my thumb could easily reach the other side of the phone not something I'm used to on a six-point five five-inch display. oh yeah and the wired charging that is here they call it warp charge 30 T. I just call it really fast it's about 20% better than walk charge dirty and prioritizes charging in that first 20 minutes what I thought was interesting is that this works with all existing warp drives 30 adapters in the actual changes happened internally they've adjusted the structure of the battery itself you're gonna notice this change.  The most if you're the kind of person who forgets to charge your phone overnight a lot and you just throw it on charge in the morning.

So that display is pretty much everything you'd hope for in an upgrade the bezels are slimmer the notch is smaller and the panel brighter plus it uses a new material that channels out a great deal of blue light consequently.

OnePlus 7T full Review

Which does mean out of the box it's a little yellowy but you can tweak this to how you like it in the settings there's an optical in-display fingerprint scanner which feels pretty similar to the 7 but the face-scanning is now so fast and works with such a range that I was struggling to actually record the fingerprint scanner in action anytime the firm was even remotely pointed in my direction the face-scanning would pick me up and unlock.

We're not talking mystery administration level of security yet it's not going to get opened by your companions or any individual who seems to be comparative and I even attempted it with photographs of my face and didn't work the speakers are about the same as the 7 which is to say a good quality dual audio setup my one slight gripe would be I like the new signals you can use to control the telephone they're truly quick and they're instinctive when you become accustomed to them but since you have a level display and because of the built-in screen protector lifts it above.

The rest of the body you might find that your fingers kind of push against the side of the protector when you're trying to use the gestures. It is anything but a monstrous issue you can either just not use motions or you can simply take the screen defender off alright couple more things that. 
OnePlus 7T full Review

I believe are significant here the telephone depends on oxygen OS 10 running on Android 10. I wouldn't say there are any massive changes here but there are lots of simple things like refined animations slightly improved performance and a better ambient display the standard one plus caveat also applied to this phone.

The only way that the company can hit price levels like this while still not really skimping on any of the primary features is through fewer missions there's no microSD card slot and there's no wireless charging as. I mentioned earlier and on that note, the battery life is not amazing but it's pretty good having a display that refreshes this fast combined with an approach 3,800 milliamp-hour capacity means you probably won't get two days here like you might on the iPhone 11 pro max but it's good enough that. I'm not worrying about it so yeah to bring this all together.

I would say there are so many smart decisions that have gone into deciding what you're gonna get here and what you're not gonna get here and ultimately that's reflected in the fact that they've managed to build a phone with little sacrifice in the things that matter to most consumers whilst hitting a price that's half of many other flagships out there.

OnePlus 7T full Review

I was only given a ballpark price figure for the sake of making a review but as soon as I get the final price. I'm gonna drop it in a pinned comment below but that being said if you enjoyed this article do hit that subscribes box and that would be amazing my name is Smart Rahuljackson this is mister who's the boss and I will catch you in the next one article.

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